Our 2021 Succulent & Houseplant Varieties

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Current Succulent & Cacti Offerings:

Chick Charms “Golden Nugget”

Sedum Gold Mound

Senecio Mount Everest

Senecio Rowleyanus String Of Pearls

Croton Gold Dust

Croton Petra

Mangave Mad About Mangave Mix

Tradescantia Purple & Silver

Calathea Roseo Picta

Croton Assorted

Dieffenbachia Tropical Snow

Dracaena Assorted Multi Cane

Dracaena Lemon Lime Bush

Dracaena Rikka Bush

Dracaena Song Of India

Fern Exotic Assorted

Fern Kimberly Queen

Fern Ribbon

Ficus Lyrata

Hoya Assortment

Palm Majesty

Palm Neantha Bella

Palm Ponytail

Palm Robelinii

Philodendron Pertussum Split Leaf

Pothos Marble Queen

Pothos Pearls & Jade

Sansevieria Assorted

Sansevieria Laurentii

Sansevieria Superba

Sansevieria Zeylanica

12 12 Zamioculcus Zz Plant

Aeschynanthus Lipstick Assorted

Alsobia Dianthiflora

Basket Grass (Variegated Bridal Veil)

Christmas Cactus Assorted

Fern Emerald Queen Australian Sword

Fern Macho

Fern True Boston

Fittonia Mini White

Iresine Herbstii Chicken Gizzard Red

Iresine Herbstii Chicken Gizzard Yellow

Peperomia Assorted

Pilea Aluminum

Pilea Baby Tears

Pilea Friendship

Spider Plant Reverse

Streptocarpella Concord Blue

Tillandsia Assorted

Venus Fly Trap

Wandering Jew Bolivian

Wandering Jew Bridal Veil

Wandering Jew Green & Yellow

Wandering Jew Lavendar

Wandering Jew Rainbow

Wandering Jew Red

Wandering Jew Tricolor